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We are moving the monthly meeting to a new day/time. The location will stay the same however, just trying to see if more people will be available for a Saturday morning (10:00AM) club meeting time. This will occur on the third Saturday of the month... (i.e. Jan 17th for this month)
Maybe the best part that is the breakfast held before the meeting at The Depot Restaurant at 8:30AM.

Hi Everyone,
The Runestone Radio Club is sponsoring a Special Event radio station W0W this year. The event will occur on the weekend of October 13-14 at the Runestone Park near Kensington. The general purpose of the event is to celebrate the Discovery of the Kensington Runestone in November, 1898. You don't need to be a club member or a licensed ham to participate...everyone is invited to come to the park and help us make radio contacts around the globe.
Those wishing to bring their own radios, antennas, computers, software, etc are welcome and encouraged to do so. If you need something in particular let Bill KG0DX know...just reply to this mailing. The RRC will be using a wire antenna, ICOM 761 transceiver, and a laptop logger; we want to keep this rig busy most of the time.
Our tentative agenda is as follows:
Saturday, October 13
1. 8:00am Breakfast at the Brass Lantern.
2. 9:00am Set-up antenna and radio at Kensington Runestone Park.
3. 10:00am Begin transmitting the news that the Vikings first discovered America in 1362 right here in Douglas County, Minnesota.
4. Continue to operate into the night until such time and everyone is too tired to continue.
5. By the way, everyone brings their own food and utensils. Refrigeration and cooking stove on site.
Sunday, October 14
1. 9:00am Put W0W back on the air logging hundreds of QSOs from over the globe.
2. 1:00pm Shut the operation down, lower antennas, power down radios and files logs with backup on the laptops.
Got questions, let us know and we'll do our best to work it out.
73, Bill KG0DX

Beginning September 18, 2012 the Runestone Radio Club will be holding its' monthly meetings in the Community Room of the Glenwood State Bank in Alexandria. The bank is located just south of the 3M plant in Alex (across the street). Entrance is at the front of the bank and since the bank closes at 6:30pm we should be able to park where we like in the front or rear parking lot
Unfortunately, the reason for the above move is that the Alexandria Technical College has found it necessary to implement a "Use of Facility" fee for using the building in any way at a cost of $25 per event (meeting), consequently your club officers and directors decided that the budget could not handle that ongoing cost. We have certainly enjoyed the convenience and hospitality of the ATC for the past several years.
We are signed up at GSB for the third Tuesday of each month for the next year excluding December and August . Meetings will still begin at 7:00pm barring any special programming requirements.
73, Bill KG0DX

Hello Everyone:
The Runestone Radio Club annual picnic will be held on Wednesday, August 22 this year at the Kensington Runestone Park. This is a date change due to voting polling and wedding conflicts at the park. Festivities will begin around 5:00pm with the POTLUCK meal being served around 5:45pm. Everyone is welcome to come earlier and enjoy the grounds and the discovery site.
The park is approximately 15 miles west of Alex on MN Hwy for park signage directing drivers to the south.
Since we're pot-lucking the meal, please bring your own beverages, plates, cups and eating utensils. If your contribution requires a serving spoon/fork, please bring that too.
The park barn does have food refrigeration and heating facilities available for our use.
See you there.......
73, Bill KG0DX

Message from Kill, KG0DX:
" REMEMBER:  MEETING BEGINS AT 6:00PM AT THE JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL WHICH IS LOCATED JUST NORTH OF THE TECHNICAL COLLEGE.  I'm certain we'll figure out which door to enter--listen on the 146.79 repeater for details.  At the conclusion of the ROBOTICS DEMONSTRATION we'll resume at the Technical College for coffee and goodies followed by a short business meeting."

Monday, September 13, 2010
The Runestone Radio Club of Alexandria will be conducting Amateur Radio Licensing Examinations (all levels) on TUESDAY, September 21, 2010 at the ALEXANDRIA TECHNICAL COLLEGE. Testing starts at 5:00 pm

Friday, September 09, 2010
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